Jun 23, 2017

Brown's Bet

While Pat Browne certainly has been good for J.B. Reilly and the Allentown NIZ, he has also directly benefitted the taxpaying citizens. He led the fight for the long overdue Pension Reform legislation, and now is resisting the push to legalize video gambling machines outside of the casinos.

Pennsylvania has a long storied history about gambling. When I was growing up, people were jailed for selling games of chance, or even organizing card games. In the late 1970's, compromising because of the need for additional revenue, they organized the state lottery. That evolved into the state actually promoting that you must Play To Win.

Needless to say, passing the casino bill was the big gambling frontier.  There is now real competition for our gambling dollars.  Browne claims in the above mailer that he is fighting to keep the state's own Lottery Fund viable, to sustain the various programs which it supports.

Jun 22, 2017

Stevens Park

My apologies for an earlier post where I acted so haughty about Stevens Park. Ive been sick the past couple weeks. That being said had family over today and bragged about the new park. Took my 2 yr old and a couple other toddlers with parents. Trash everywhere! Dirty needles...I picked up 6 heroin used bags. I was horrified! We left, kids in tears. Me on the verge! I went later with husband and cleaned it up. Ive been so excited for the young neighborhood kids....it will soon just get totally trashed. And Im moving......

The above comment appeared on a community facebook page. I have redacted the writers name. The Morning Call did a pictorial spread on the the renovated park, but of course the women above gives us an actual nitty gritty experience from visiting the park. Despite the reality of who will congregate there after hours, and whatever nefarious activity that may take place, it is important to provide attractive parks within the urban center for children.   However,  the nature of the neighborhood requires that the park receive extra cleanup and surveillance.

As a frequent critic of the  park system, allow me to commend the Parks Department on a renovation well done.

photocredit: The Morning Call/Harry Fisher

Jun 21, 2017

Writing In An Allentown Mayor

I recently heard that Ray O'Connell was going to wage a write-in campaign for mayor, and Ce-Ce Gerlach's Facebook post might be a confirmation.  According to Ce-Ce's post, she already has about 2,000 voters interested. If O'Connell will be actively participating in this effort remains to be seen.

Yesterday, I endorsed Nat Hyman, and wrote elsewhere that I believe that the hill is too steep for either an independent or write-in candidate to prevail. While some others might think that the more candidates the better for Pawlowski, as was the case in the primary, in the general I think O'Connell voters will help Hyman. In addition to O'Connell, Luiz Garcia is also being  encouraged to wage a write-in effort. Because O'Connell and Garcia were primary candidates, election law precludes them from now running as independents.

Although still only June, the fall election for mayor has begun in earnest.

Jun 20, 2017

Allentown's Fall Election

Although I took no position and made no recommendations in the primary races this past May, that will not be the case for November's election. Yesterday, Nat Hyman's started placing sponsored spots for mayor on facebook. I will be supporting Hyman because it's beyond time for Pawlowski to move on. Hyman has an extensive background in business and also firsthand familiarity with Allentown's housing issues.  He apparently will be playing hardball, which will be necessary to win. The Morning Call has revealed that he did in fact finance the challenges to his primary opponents.  It will not be a gentlemanly contest.

On the county level I will be supporting Bob Smith for Commissioner, and Brad Osborne for Executive. Both of them have appropriate experience for the positions.

Further recommendations may follow in contested races.

Jun 19, 2017

The Blog, Why?

Over the weekend I told someone that I have been producing a blog on local politics and history every weekday for ten years.  She simply, sincerely asked why in the world would I want to do that?  Understand that this blog is not monetized in any way. None of the posts are used by another publication, which then subsequently pays me. I'm not motivated by comments and feedback.  I actually eliminated the anonymous said option,  reducing the amount of comments received.  Of course none of this answers the why question.

Before the blog I felt compelled to speak out against those actions and inactions which I thought reduced the unique quality of life called Allentown.  I expressed myself at city council and through letters to the editor. I suppose it's the same compulsion which made me run for office twice as an independent.  Both council and the editors are grateful for this blog,  it helps keep me away from them.

I didn't tell the woman who asked the why question that I usually post the blog before 4:30AM. She already thought that I was nuts.

Like the donut maker, I get up early

Jun 16, 2017

The Paper's Morning Yarn

The Morning Call headlines that the new Strata Loft apartments are all spoken for before the building is even finished.  I have claimed that this is erroneous at the most innocent, and an outright informercial at the more dubious.  I think that after three years of their articles we can dismiss the innocent error option. I have discovered that many of the apartments are both vacant and rented at the same time.  Apparently, City Center LLC has included some apartments with commercial office leases.  A number of the apartments are assigned to the hockey team.

Needless to say if all the apartments were really rented to people living in them,  restaurants wouldn't be closing, and the Moravian Bookstore could have sold a few books.

We find  Rite-Aid coming back, and less pricey eateries going into the closing upscale locations.  Between market forces and the pressure for inclusionary housing*, we know who will be living in the new apartments soon enough.    Today, someone mentioned to me how she and her husband dine in Bethlehem and Easton, but not Allentown.  They feel Allentown has no charm or ambience.  They certainly would have no desire to walk around in Allentown after their meal.  There was organic growth in Bethlehem and Easton which grew to meet a demand.  In Allentown, a developer keeps building to take advantage of an unprecedented tax incentive.   The Morning Call can act like a public relations firm instead of a newspaper,  but they can't put patrons at restaurant tables or in the upscale stores.

* I suppose you could EXCLUDE people by announcing that the units are full before they're completed, and have a waiting list.  Would the paper cooperate with such a scheme? ADDENDUM: I do not see any need for inclusionary housing in Allentown. There is no shortage of apartments available in downtown, nor has gentrification created a market shortage. The idea that a certain percentage of new luxury units should be set aside for people of less income is social engineering beyond the notion of this blog.

Jun 15, 2017

When Guns Belong To The Left

When the horrendous knifing occurred against the defenders of the Muslim girl,  the violence was attributed to Trump supporters.  Nobody will be blaming yesterday's shooting on Bernie Sanders, nor should they.  However,  on facebook I see the outrage about the Alexandria shooting still heaped upon Trump.  He apparently made everyone in the country hateful,  as if there was no violence before him. 

Let us hope that this unfortunate incident creates some reflection about the hostility expressed toward Trump, and the propensity for violence from such vitriol.

photo: 1908 Colt, 25 caliber

Jun 14, 2017

Lehigh Valley Of Denial

I apparently have been cursed with giving a damn about Allentown.  As I have posted before,  I'm amazed about how consumed people are about Trump and Washington, and how indifferent they are about their own back yard. Even those supposedly involved in local issues seem eager to find some kool-aid.  People find reality too disturbing.  I suppose that's why a newspaper columnist can regularly write about grammar, with nobody wanting to hear about the local shenanigans,  like electing a mayor facing federal indictment.   I suppose it's like the funny pages,  people want distractions.

Even here in the political blogosphere people want a version of the truth, as opposed to the actual truth.  A popular blogger always has an agenda about who he is promoting or attacking. He can sprinkle in a few descriptions like honesty and integrity and keep selling it, not unlike new and improved shampoo at the supermarket.

I also have an agenda, but it's not to promote some politician or judge, who I hope comes to like me  and invites me to dinner.  I fight for our parks and our history.  Along the way if I offend some officials in the process,  so be it;  I don't mind eating by myself.

photocredit: K Mary Hess

Jun 13, 2017

Bernie Schools Dershowitz

Yesterday, Bernie O'Hare took former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to law school.  Bernie proclaimed that Dershowitz is wrong and absurd about Comey and Trump, and that nobody is above the law.  Bernie even provides a link to a court case to supposedly prove his point.  How does Bernie do it, prove that perhaps the most esteemed authority on Constitutional Law in the country is wrong?  Easy,  just a little word play here and there, ala O'Hare. Dershowitz never said that Trump was above the law.  He simply said that as President he hires and can direct the FBI director to open and close files, and that as President he can pardon people. Therefore, in a specific situation such as the Flynn matter, Trump's constitutional authority options preclude an obstruction charge.

The point here isn't really O'Hare vs. Dershowitz,  that's only a  contest in Bernie's head.  It is the arrogance of O'Hare, and his tendency to bully. If it is attacking Gracedale while supporting John Stoffa, or doing a 180, and defending Gracedale while attacking John Brown,  he can out-twist Chubby Checker.  Furthermore, he keeps twisting, if he is proclaiming an ernest city council candidate a criminal, or trying to marginalize another blog, such as this one, calling it Molovinsky On Anything But Allentown.  Of course, that doesn't apply to Bernie, if he wants to write about Trump. Bernie complains that Trump puts loyalty above honesty.  How this feud with Bernie started was that he felt that I was being disloyal because I questioned a disclaimer he made about Morganelli. His highness actually used the word loyalty.  The only reason it is a feud is that with this blog I have the ability to defend myself, most of his victims do not have that option.  Of course, by defending myself he claims that I'm attacking him and his honor,  which he thinks is much more important than mine, or yours.

photo of Bernie O'Hare checking every signature trying to stop the Save Gracedale ballot initiative in 2011

Jun 12, 2017

The Comey Commotion

I don't normally follow such things, certainly not blow by blow.  My interest comes from the left's hope and prayer that these revelations undo Trump.  My initial impression is that Trump is as unfamiliar with government protocol as any outsider could be.  He apparently has no interest in behaving more like an insider.  This demeanor infuriates his opponents,  delights his base, and frustrates those bi-partisans like myself,  who are inclined to defend, but not support.

Comey appears to be a genuine star,  who could certainly have a political future, if he so chooses.  In the portion of his testimony that I saw, he embodied sincerity.

Trump and his lawyer claimed the testimony as a vindication for Trump.  It should be noted that no less of a legal authority than Alan Dershowitz has stated that Trump was well within his constitutional power even if he had directly ordered Comey to back off an investigation.  However,  I suspect the scrutiny over who said what, and its legality, will take years.

photocredit: Doug Mills/New York Times

Jun 9, 2017

Pension Reform In Pennsylvania

It's not often that I have anything especially good to say about our boys in Harrisburg.  Today is the exception.  I congratulate the state house for finally passing a pension reform bill.  Needless to say it will disappoint those who sought greater reform, however, for Harrisburg it is as much as I hoped for.  Understand that even under a Republican Governor, with Republicans in charge of both houses,  it failed to pass.

Although 50% of the pensions for teachers and state workers will remain guaranteed,  the other half will be governed by the market,  as it is for most people in the private sector, those who still even have a pension.  No previous or existing employee's pension will be affected by the reform,  which will only effect new employees, starting in 2019.

Tax relief advocates now hope to shift school taxes from real estate to income.  I don't think we will see that anytime soon, if at all.

Jun 8, 2017

Bernie The Blog Lawyer

The local blogosphere has its own self-proclaimed legal authority, Bernie O'Hare.  Between Bernie's background and his temperament,  he's a whole courtroom; prosecutor, judge and jury.  Anyway, what brings us to this post is Bernie's statement last week that I implied that a commentator using a pseudonym might be Bernie, while knowing that wasn't the case.  Bernie is simply wrong.  By design,  people comment either anonymously or with a pseudonym to keep their identity hidden.  In some cases I might happen to know who the person is,  but in this case, I do not.  Bernie states that I knew he doesn't use a sock puppet because he told me so several times.   Actually, what that reveals is that I harbored this suspicion, and questioned him about it.  Although, I was polite enough to not further question his denials, it doesn't mean that I accepted them as gospel.

Bernie is offended because he considers such speculation an affront on his honor,  which he is seeking to repair because of some issue in his distant past.  Regardless of Bernie's personal history, or whether my speculation is correct or not,  he should not disparage my reputation because he's defensive about his own.

ADDENDUM: I would have preferred to place this post as a comment on O'Hare's post about me.  However, he made it clear that a comment from me would be deleted.

UPDATE:  Bernie posted Friday June 9th, describing this post as an attack on him.  In reality, this post is a response against his accusation that I made a speculation that I knew to be untrue.  I suppose he believes that he is so persuasive that his readers will accept such distortions.

Armstrong Suit Makes National News

A lawsuit started by Scott Armstrong and Steven Ramos made national news yesterday as the media picks up on the ghost teacher problem in Pennsylvania. As reported years ago on this blog, the head of the teacher's union who does not teach is paid by the Allentown School District. Armstrong, a former school board member, initially made this outrage public. Needless to say he became a target of the union, and was subsequently voted off the board. It says something about Allentown, that someone being recognized nationally for protecting the taxpayers, could not get re-elected to the board.

I believe that Armstrong's departure from the board didn't bode well for the district.  In a less than color blind search for a new superintendent, all finalists were of color.  The board and district seems hellbent on trying strategies which are proven failures from elsewhere.

I'll leave you with breaking tip, not yet known by the local main stream media.  The district is changing the payroll schedule, which will delay paychecks, and annoy everybody.

Jun 7, 2017

We Are Still In

Lafayette College has joined and signed the We Are Still In agreement,  a reaction campaign against Trump not signing the Paris Accord.  The college's president said climate is not a partisan issue.  Bi-partisan and college hardly go together,  they're much more comfortable with bi-sexuals than Republicans. : )  Anywho, although it's wonderful for the college president to be pro-active about climate change,  I wonder how she is preparing the students for jobs in the real world.  Trump didn't sign because he doesn't believe in climate change, but because he's afraid that the accord may make United States less competitive in world markets.  By most standards we are already more advanced in pollution measures than most countries.

Institutional politics are the current public relations rage.  Amazon, which opened in the Lehigh Valley with horrendous working conditions in its warehouse, signed on to the agreement. We are a Sanctuary City and Starbucks pledged to hire immigrants. Years ago a coffee house charged a buck for a cup, and people talked politics. Now they charge $4.19,  and pour their politics down your throat.

Jun 6, 2017

Trexler Park Pond Probably A Thing Of The Past

The pond at Trexler Park may be a thing of the past. Supposedly, the dam gate was breached over the weekend.  I examined it in the last several months, and it appeared in good enough condition to me. Last year, when the second, lower pond next to it developed a sinkhole,  it was never restored.

Understand that the Wildlands Conservancy doesn't like dams and ponds, and that the Conservancy dictates policy, for both Allentown and South Whitehall Park Systems.  If anybody doubts that reality,  just visit Cedar Park by the Rose Garden and try to find the creek.  The Conservancy has a riparian buffer hiding the creek from both view and access.  The weed wall buffer provides no ecological benefit, because the storm water system is piped directly into the creek, bypassing the buffers anyway.  Never the less, this is the Wildlands' policy.  In South Whitehall, the Conservancy has installed a son of one of their officers as Park Director.  In Allentown, the Park Director does as she is told.

Those who appreciate the iconic park system gifted upon Allentown by both General Harry Trexler and the WPA,  can only learn about the degradation of the park system here at this blog. The local paper, The Morning Call, has refused to publish my protests against the Wildlands Conservancy, and the consequences of their influence on our park systems.

Although, the Trexler Trust should insist that the dam gate be replaced (it's only a few pieces of lumber stacked in a rack) they probably also have a working relationship with the Wildlands Conservancy.  Trexler Park was the private estate of Harry and Mary Trexler.  The now empty pond was always the heart of the park.

Jun 5, 2017

Trump And The Inarticulate Truth

A comment on a local blog stated that the terrorists in Britain had no connection to the countries on Trump's travel ban. Actually, in reality they did. The Manchester bomber had returned from trips to both Syria and Libya just before he set off the bomb at the concert. The erroneous comment appears on a local blog post admiring Britain's stiff upper lip, and taking Trump to task for his out of context remark about not being alarmed in London. I think that in this war we're better off erring on the side of caution. While we lament that Trump doesn't sound presidential, British PM Theresa May laments that they have been too politically correct about radical Islam.

Yesterday on facebook, I saw some locals talking about moving to France because Trump opted out of the Paris Accord. I though that they had already moved to Canada after the election in November. Meanwhile, while they blather about moving, Trump is trying to keep them safe here, in spite of themselves and their criticism of him.

Jun 2, 2017

Bernie The Movie

In a post yesterday, Bernie O'Hare kidded that they're making a movie about him.  A reader questioned who would play the part of Bernie?  There was a suggestion that George Clooney play the part.  I doubt that Clooney is available for a movie in Nazareth, but for the last couple of years I've seen countless comments on Bernie's blog about the Mediterranean Manslab.  Supposedly the Manslab has forgiven Bernie for any association with his prolonged incarnation, and might consider the part.  Of course, the woman Bernie calls CRaZy should be the female lead.  Hopefully, she can forgive him for putting the judgement he won against her on his blog sidebar for a year.  At the premiere, the former mayor could introduce the local celebrities, assuming he forgives Bernie.  Security could be handled by the former police chief, assuming he forgives Bernie.  Because Bernie's blog readers are mostly anonymous, he can invite them on the blog, instead of by mail.  Wonder if I'll be invited?

Jun 1, 2017

Shock Comedian Goes Too Far

Kathy Griffin has used shock as part of her act for over a decade. If it was simulating sex with Anderson Cooper,  or whatever. However, her severed Trump head photo shoot has cost her the New Year's Eve CNN date.  Actually, I was surprised that Cooper kept agreeing to that gig, as he evolved into a broadcast journalist.

Although CNN might now be even more anti-Trump than MSNBC,  Griffin's stunt was even too much for them.  You cannot be associated with something like that, and still purport to be a news outlet.  Griffin has sincerely apologized, after she realized the damage. Even people on the left, such as Chelsea Clinton, spoke out against severed head image. Perhaps, we have reached the low point in permitted desecration of the President.

On a more subtle note, writer Thomas Ricks suggested that General McMaster resign from his position as a security adviser,  rather than enable Trump with his good reputation.  After his article appeared in Politico,  Ricks has been making the rounds on commentary shows, repeating his recommendation for McMaster literally word for word on each show. Being anti-Trump has become a cottage industry in itself.

May 31, 2017

The Morning Call's Backyard Look At History

Readers of this blog know that I concern myself with local history. This past Sunday the Morning Call did a large piece on Camp Crane,  which trained ambulance drivers at the fairgrounds during the First  World War.  Although certainly historical, I doubt if the article garnered much attention.  What brings me to this topic is the important historical issues that they have avoided, some I suspect for political reasons.

I never succeeded in getting the paper to report on the threat to Wehr's Dam, despite the voters expressing their support and concern by referendum this past November.  Call me a conspiracy nut, but I believe that they are providing cover for the Wildlands Conservancy.

Bogert's Covered Bridge in Lehigh Parkway is in deplorable condition.  Understand,  the Park Department purchased two large parcels for new parks at an inflated price, but never funded maintenance for the covered bridge.

It's nice to remember what happen at the Fairgrounds 100 years ago,  but irreplaceable historic structures which are in peril should be getting the paper's attention.

photocredit: K Mary Hess,  Wehr's Dam from under Wehr's Covered Bridge

May 30, 2017

Away From Allentown

Recently another blogger criticized this blog for being absent in the recent primary election. In reality, I wasn't absent at all,  I wrote a couple dozen posts about the election. As matter of fact,  I was painfully spot on in my analysis. The key word is painful, because the political situation in Allentown is somewhere between pathetic and watching paint dry.

I have written this past six months quite a bit about Trump. Seems like he has captured a lot of attention, if not obsessions from both supporters and detractors.  The latter certainly dominate the media.  Although, I was never a supporter, I became a defender after he was duly elected.  With his tweets and oafish behavior, he certainly doesn't make that position easy or comfortable.

My attitude about Trump has taken yet another turn. While I'm astonished by his hoof and mouth disease, I believe that he might accidently be the right man for the pressing problem of our era, Islamic radicalism.  It's a complicated,  ever changing problem with sides and factions constantly in flux.  However, the worse thing we could do is minimize the reality of the threat.  As articulate, intelligence and suave as Obama was,  he was way too politically correct for that challenge.

While molovinsky on allentown will never takes its eye off of our fair city, I cannot write about paint drying every day, as the greater world turns so violently.

ADDENDUM: Readers of the local blogosphere may have noticed that O'Hare and I aren't getting along very well.  Although I won't go blow by blow,  a minimal response is appropriate .  He obviously is much more sensitive about his integrity than anyone else's, or mine.  HIs anonymous commenters have declared me anti-Catholic, because I questioned the Pope about Egypt.  According to the comments there, you are here at a hate blog.    Furthermore,  they claim that I have lost my creditability, and supposedly have deleted entire posts.  While I often write that I appreciate your readership,  I suppose I should express extra gratitude,  for your continued visits to such a hateful place.

May 29, 2017

Trump And The Pope

Facebook was ablaze last week with old pictures of the Pope smiling with Barack Obama, but frowning with Donald Trump. Even Bill White ran the picture on his facebook page, and asked for captions. My submitted caption was at least you didn't call the Pope dour. Of course, in the real world there were plenty of pictures of Pope Francis smiling with the Trumps.

As a Jew,  it's nice to say nice things about the Pope, but I have a problem with him recently. Last month when he visited Egypt, he told the Christians there that they should forgive the Muslims for the church bombings.  On Friday morning terrorists shot up a bus, killing another 28 Coptic Christians. Although forgiveness might be a holy reaction, it along with the fear of being labeled Islamophobic, won't increase anybody's security.

 In a Trump bash full of contradictions, CNN's website on Friday blamed Trump for not being forthright enough in his speech in Saudi Arabia. They said he should have mentioned the chaos in Libya, Yemen and Syria. If they know that, they should realize that a travel ban from those areas might have some merit. However, they would rather be contridictory, than support any idea from the Trump administration.

May 26, 2017

Knife To A Gunfight

Great Britain is upset about some information given to the USA that was leaked.  What they should be upset about is that although the Manchester bomber was a person of interest, he was walking and plotting around.  It's a shame when political correctness allows New Orleans to remove its history,  its a crime when political correctness kills teenage girls.

England has at least until now been pretty clueless.  One would think that after a policeman was beheaded in London, they would realize that the radical are among them.  Here in the United States our former president and his attorney general wanted to close Guantanamo Bay,  and avail our foreign enemies to our civilian legal rights.  With all of Donald Trump's shortcomings, at least he understands that we are at war.

He also apparently understands that we shouldn't both be protecting the world, and paying for it.  Although, he may be a pushing and shoving oaf, yesterday he bluntly told our NATO allies that they must pay up.

Some people delighted that the Trump travel ban was again rejected by a federal court.  They are apparently more concerned with Trump being set back, than their own security.  Our enemies must find our priorities amusing.

May 25, 2017

Back To The Future With Emma

Although the Progressives, who campaigned against the waste to energy plant and the water lease this year, didn't like Emma Tropiano back in the day, or now, here's a history lesson they may find interesting. Shown above is Emma camping out by the entrance to Kline's Island on October 13, 1989. Her statement to the press. "The deal with the Lehigh County Authority to open Kline's Island to outside sewage sources has promoted massive development in western Lehigh County, drawing potential commercial and industrial development away from Allentown and resulting in higher taxes for city property owners." She was running against The First Mayor For Life Joe Daddona's fourth term. His reply. "It's obvious once again that Emma, because of her lack of knowledge and understanding of a problem, is shooting from the hip and hitting herself in the foot." She was also outspoken about the direction the city was heading in: Is Allentown in an ugly decline, with drugs, crime, filth and mismanagement rotting away the core of the Queen City, as challenger Emma D. Tropiano insists? Or is it squarely facing its problems and coming up with sound, creative solutions, as Mayor Joseph S. Daddona says?" The Morning Call, Nov. 5, 1989.

reprinted from November of 2013

ADDENDUM: On Tuesday Bill White repeated his quote about Emma from 2001; I like Emma, but she wouldn't know fresh ideas and positive leadership if they were driving down Hamilton Street in a blue Cadillac. Bill has made Emma one of the symbols of his Hall Of Shame. Bill White protests against this designation, coined by yours truly years ago, and cites the philanthropic Cipko Brothers as proof that the Hall isn't limited to shame. However, I remember back when, and the gag about them was their ridiculous toupees, which White featured in photographs. Philanthropic or not, their toupees put them in the Hall, not their charity. Anyway, I digress. Bill White has been wrong about Emma for over 40 years.  The problem is that now a whole generation of people disparage her, based on  Morning Call distortions.

May 24, 2017

Moshe Dyan

Moshe Dayan on born on a kibbutz near the Sea of Galilee in 1915. When he was 14, he joined the outlawed Haganah, an underground defense force to protect Jewish settlements from Arab attacks. Although caught and imprisoned by the British for two years, he would fight for them in Lebanon during WWII, losing his eye. In the 1948 War of Independence, he fought on all the fronts, defending Israel; by 1953 he was Chief of Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces. In 1956 he led the Suez Campaign.

In 1967 he was Defense Minister for the Six Day War. He remained in that position through the War of 1973. Although a genuine hero in every sense of the word, he was held responsible for the initial success of Egyptian forces in the surprise attack on Yom Kippur (1973), and would resign from his position.

Israel is too small of a country, and it's enemies too numerous, for any miscalculations regarding it's security.

reprinted from February 2013

The Wailing Wall

Israel had hoped that Jordan would not join the Arab forces against them in 1967. It was not to be; their artillery opened fire on Israel. Israeli paratroopers fought with small arms in the Old City. They were ordered to use no artilley, which could damage Holy Shrines.

Although Israeli Jews and Christians were barred from both the Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulchre for the twenty years of Jordanian rule, Israel immediately opened access to all. Administrative control of the Temple Mount, upon which sits the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque, were immediately given to the Jordanian Waqf (Islamic Trust).

The Wailing Wall is the Western Wall of the Mount, which is considered the closest and only remnant of the Second Jewish Temple, and is the holiest site in Judaism. No matter where in the world, all Jews have always prayed facing Jerusalem and the Wall. reprinted from April 2010

May 23, 2017

Bernie O'Hare's Problem

Tirelessly attending one meeting after another, five nights a week, at the midnight hour he bestows praise upon his favorites, and criticism upon his enemies.  Faster than a speeding Lanta Bus, all opposing comments are dismissed as non sequiturs, personal attacks or off topic... Little changes with Bernie O'Hare, aka here as Jimmy Olsen.

Someone recently asked me what is Bernie's problem? He noticed that for months Bernie had been taking cheap shots at both me and my readers. Several months ago he started deleting the signed comments I occasionally submitted to his blog. Most of the comments he receives are anonymous, and many less than profound. He started calling me mean spirited and petty.  Coming from Bernie, all those insults are beyond ironic. Here's a guy who serves up one victim after another, like red meat,  for his anonymous commenters to feast upon.  In a blog post yesterday,  I wrote that Pawlowski won with the Marion Barry vote. Washington voters re-elected Barry knowing full well that he was involved in unlawful acts. O'Hare seized upon the opportunity on facebook to pronounce my analogy as racist.

He describes himself as a bottom feeding blogger, trying to humorlessly dismiss his aggression toward others.  He really does delight in painting his targets with innuendo and distortion.  While most of Bernie's victims have no recourse or vehicle to defend themselves,  that's not the case here.

May 22, 2017

Public Note To Mayor Ed

Hi Mayor Ed. I am very disappointed that thousands of Allentown voters do not realize how corrupt you are!! One of your supporters said he didn't care. I think you are a great politician and liar. Ten years ago exactly when I worked for you in your old job as Director of Community and Economic Development I witnessed your corruption firsthand. Which as I told you when I resigned I did not want to part of. You fired Eric Weiss as head of Buildind Standards because he was not corrupt and would not do your dirty work. When Fran Dougherty told a building inspector not to write a citation on a Nat Hyman property I realized that you he and were in bed together. Neither of you should be Mayor!!! I assume that the FBI will eventually expose you. I love how you staged all that road work on major streets over the last months. Even some relatively smart people that that meant you are a great Mayor. You Bamboozled quite a few people. I feel sorry for the people like Mary Ellen Koval who got caught up in your quest for higher office. You ruined many lives and careers. Karma and the wheels of justice may turn slowly but they do turn!!! Betsy Morris Levin

The above note was written by Betsy Levin, a former city employee, and posted on facebook today. Pawlowski's primary victory disappointed many people. He won with what I call the Marion Barry vote. As I had predicted within 38 votes, he cobbled together enough minority votes to win in the crowded field. Had one of the three top runner ups dropped out and endorsed another, Pawlowski would have lost, handily. A real opportunity exists for an independent this fall. The city hasn't elected a Republican for two decades, since 1997. The primary proved that Pawlowski is unattractive to 75% of the Democrats.

Jews In Jerusalem

Except when barred by one conqueror or another, Jews had lived in Jerusalem since King David. Prior to Jordanian rule in 1948, there was a Jewish majority for 150 years. In 1864, eight thousand of the fifteen thousand population was Jewish. By 1914, two thirds of the sixty five thousand residents were Jewish. In 1948 the United Nations Partition Plan divided the British Mandate of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. Jerusalem was to be initially an international city, with access guaranteed for all. This plan was rejected by the surrounding Arab nations, which attacked Israel in concert immediately upon the UN vote. When the truce was declared, Israel had survived, but East Jerusalem(walled Old City) was in procession of TransJordan. The Jordanians subsequently destroyed over 50 synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, which dated back to the 1400's. For hundreds of years both Christians and Jews were prohibited from building higher than Muslim structures. The few synagogues which survived were the ones built mostly below street level. The oldest surviving synagogue, The Jerusalem Synagogue, was built by the Karaite Jews in around 900. Shown above is the Ben Kakai, a Sephardic Synagogue built in the 16th Century.

Perhaps the most famous synagogue destroyed by the Jordanians was the Ashkenazi Hurva Synagogue built in 1720, it's dome visible in the top center of this photograph from the 1920's. It's replacement was completed in 2010.

This post was first printed in April of 2010, and titled The Synagogues of Jerusalem

May 19, 2017

Who Owns Allentown's Litter

When I grew up in Allentown and graduated from Allen in the mid 1960's, the sidewalks were clean. Now, I don't mean just free from litter, but they were actually clean. Women would come out of their houses with buckets of water, and wash off their stoops and sidewalks. All that has changed. to say the least.  Today the sidewalks are covered with litter every morning. The following is a facebook dialogue between Jude-Laure Denis and myself.

Michael Molovinsky pawlowski didn't receive the support of any organized black or hispanic group. instead, he cobbled together the few necessary votes to win by handing out trinkets, and promising more if re-elected, all on the city dime. although calling people "littering transients from newark" might sound harsh, if you think the quality of life in center city hasn't radically declined, you're a much more tolerant person than me...(this comment was addressing Robert Trotner)

Jude-Laure Denis Let me just set you straight Michael Molovinsky you did not "offend" me. I personally don't care what you say. I don't know you and in fact I long ago stopped caring about what other people think. What I care about is facts. And blaming non-dominant culture folks for the election of Ed Pawlowski is a serious pile of caca.

Michael Molovinsky Jude-Laure Denis, i'm not BLAMING anyone. truth be told, i accurately predicted both the amount of votes that pawlowski would receive, and where they would come from. those predictions are on my blog for the last several months. today the Morning Call verified the facts.

Jude-Laure Denis For the record blaming, Michael Molovinsky, is exactly what you did. we all make mistakes and you made one. Not the end of the world. Own it and move on. As to the number of votes, anyone who understands how you get to a win number knew it would be this low. You predicted it. So did I and a lot of folks who know a heck of a lot more than both of us. End result is the same.

My issue isn't with Ms. Denis.  As she said,  we never met,  nor do we know each other.  She found some of my statements culturally insensitive,  fair enough.   I'll be glad to own anything I say, but I would like to know when the non-dominant culture is going to own the littering, not to mention the stabbings and shootings.

May 18, 2017

I Offended Someone About Pawlowski Voters

Yesterday, Jude-Laure Denis commented on my blog post, Blaming this on people who "moved here from Newark.. who litter," is a pile of racist dogwhistle politics. Supervoters who are primarily white voted for the son of a bitch and most of them didn't even bother to come out.  If Ms. Denis meant for her identity to be revealed is questionable, but either way, I disagree. As I noted often during this campaign, Pawlowski worked the unaffiliated blacks and Hispanics. I say unaffiliated, because he did not receive the support of the organized more sophisticated groups, such as the local NAACP.  The detailed ward election results will show that Pawlowski did best in center city and Hispanic areas, where the minority demographics predominate. Pawlowski's Facebook page is a journal of him working the intercity barber shops and beauty parlors.

I believe that the white super voters divided their votes between O'Connell, Thiel and Bennett. The point of my post yesterday was that the election was determined by the most transient among us. The good news is that it only occurred because the field was divided by so many candidates.

If Ms. Denis is offended that I called Pawlowski voters litterers from Newark, I can do worse.  Seven people have pleaded guilty to committing criminal acts on Pawlowski's behalf. Littering might be one of the better traits of those who voted for him yesterday.

May 17, 2017

Allentown Loses Election

In my mind Allentown is officially lost. Pawlowski succeeded in having the minority majority knowingly elect a future indictee in a low turnout election.  Understand that this constituency lived in Newark until two years ago, and still contributes to the litter on the streets.  While Hamilton Street has new buildings, it's actually more depressing than ever.

Bernie O'Hare recently wrote; Allentown blogger Michael Molovinsky, whose blog is called Molovinsky on Allentown, spent the crucial week before that City's most important election in its history, talking abut(sp) anything but Allentown. Bernie writes poison like that, thinking that he is cleverly marginalizing me.  But, if this was the most important election in Allentown's history, apparently the voters didn't know. You cannot blame the Morning Call,  they pushed the election every day for months. Despite their effort, turnout was less than 15%.

We in local politics, either as a candidate, supporter or pundit, overestimate the public's interest.

On a positive note,  congratulations to Brad Osborne, on his way to become  Lehigh County Executive.  


May 16, 2017

Bennett's $10,000 Stoplight

I was very surprised when Allentown installed a stoplight on Lehigh Street for the Bennett Toyota dealerships.  Years ago I lived on a very dangerous intersection which has numerous accidents, including fatalities.  I was told how complicated it was to convince Harrisburg of a stoplight's necessity.

Bennett was one of the largest contributors to Mayor For Life Pawlowski's current campaign. He kicked in about 10% of Pawlowski's war chest, which at about $100k, led the candidate pack.  On Sunday night Pawlowski had a pricy campaign commerical on CNN's popular Anthony Bourdain show, Parts Unknown.

Today Allentown enters parts unknown.  It is not my habit to announce the next day's blog topic. However, tomorrow I will discuss today's winner and loser.  Hopefully, the loser will not be Allentown.

May 15, 2017

The Docility Of The Allentown Liberal

I continue to be amazed by the multiple personality of the local Democrats.  While anguished over Trump in Washington,  they seem to tolerate a Boss Tweed in Allentown.  As I've posted before, I think that Pawlowski has the edge in Tuesday's election,  having assembled a coalition of minority shareholders.  While he doesn't have the support of their organized groups, he has tirelessly campaigned in the barber shops of center city, and other such enclaves.  As mayor he has flattered that demographic by attending their birthday parties.  He has given out City trinkets, and promised more, if re-elected.

Just as the large field of candidates helped Trump win the Republican Primary, the large field of Democrats will help Pawlowski on Tuesday.  With seven candidates dividing up less than seven thousand primary votes,  his strategy will probably prevail.

If he does win,  Allentown may well have it's first Republican mayor in almost two decades come November.  Chances are that Pawlowski will be indicted before the general election.  Although, still eligible for office until and unless convicted,  such negative publicity could propel the Republican candidate to victory.

ADDENDUM: In his post today, Bernie O'Hare tries to make a case that I have been absent from this election,  and as an opposer of the little people, that he so nobly champions.  Bernie thinks of himself as a masterful lawyer, and his readers as a pliable jury.  In today's post,  he cloaks himself repeatedly with the word integrity.  In truth he is a manipulator, who endlessly tries to promote people he likes, and injure those that he doesn't.  His methodology is becoming transparent to more and more people.

May 13, 2017

Looking For Mr. Rogers In Allentown Election

The other day a blogger had a post about a fellow who was allegedly bullied by the current mayor. The blogger said in both the post and a comment that he doubted if the incident warranted criminal charges. In a subsequent youtube interview part1, the victim emotionally reiterated his distress over the confrontation with Pawlowski. He also claimed that despite being a candidate himself for city council, he was not indulging in a political stunt. That claim would of course have much more validity if he was making the accusations this coming Wednesday, instead of this past Thursday and Friday. The incident with Pawlowski happened on May 5th. If the gentleman waited a week for his non-publicity stunt, perhaps he should have waited another week.

If the gentleman was being sincere about not having a political agenda with his news conference, I can't say the same about the blogger and other candidates who jumped onto the bandwagon.

ADDENDUM: While the blogger admitted that the incident didn't rise to the criminal level,  did it even rise to the level of news?  Apparently not to any of the other local media, except for that blogger and facebook.  Is Pawlowski a bully?  Yes he is,  but there appears to be little to this incident but the timing.  As for the others who jumped on the bandwagon,  let me clarify that I find them very viable candidates,  but who apparently succumbed to the heat of the election regarding  this incident, in this last weekend before the vote.
part 2 of youtube

May 12, 2017

Sanitizing New Orleans History

I was aghast when I heard that New Orleans was going to remove its Civil War statues.  Now, while I understood South Carolina removing the Confederate flag from its capital building, removing the statues seems revisionist to me.

I asked a local college history professor I know for his opinion on the topic.  He became more animated than I had ever seen him,  and emphatically claimed that erecting the statues in the first place was the revisionism.  He feels that because he was a slave owner, there should have never been a statue of Jefferson Davis in the first place.

The key word about the college history professor isn't history, but college.  My observation is that college professors spend too much time with eighteen year olds,  and Peter Pan liberalism distorts any objectivity that they may have processed.  The statue of Davis in New Orleans was erected in 1911.  Regardless of the rationale at that time,  it is now part of that city's history.

I borrowed the word sanitizing from Condoleezza Rice.  She used it in explaining what a current mistake New Orleans is making in regard to its history.

May 11, 2017

Another Week, Another Defender Of Israel

I was back to the Fearless Fire Hall for another excellent event sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Tea Party.   Last week they hosted Pamela Geller,  who they billed as a freedom of speech advocate.  This week they featured  David Rubin,  who they presented to discuss the new American relationship with Israel under Trump.   Although both descriptions are valid,  my interest lies in their mutual love for Israel, and the defense of the Jewish people.

Fifteen years ago West Bank settler David Rubin's car was raked by gunfire from Palestinian terrorists. While he suffered a severe leg wound,  his three year old son was shot in the head.  Both recovered, and Rubin has dedicated his life to children's rehabilitation from terrorist attacks through the Shiloh Israel Children's Projects.

Rubin has no delusions about the intentions of the Palestinians.
While David’s focus is on developing projects for children, he doesn’t hesitate to speak the truth from a position of faith in a way that most politicians seem to be either unwilling or afraid to do. He proposes bold, realistic solutions to counter the forces of evil in the Middle East and in the world.  
Likewise, he believes that the West Bank belongs divinely to Israel.  He is hopeful that Trump will announce that the United States is moving the embassy to Jerusalem when he visits Israel later this month.

May 10, 2017

Anything Anti-Trump Is Tolerated

I have a liberal acquaintance who has no toleration for any humor that is at the expense of homosexuals. He is even offended when you're not up to date on current designations of the various gay groups and new subgroups.  However, he wasn't offended by Stephen Colbert's homophobic remark about Trump and Putin.  Of course, worst than these late night jokes, is that the Democrats are reduced to these previous second string comedians being their de-facto party leaders.  In some cases they actually believed their act and ran for office, enter Al Franken.  I see commercials for Samantha Bee, whoever the hell she is.  In every one she is bashing Trump.  What would all these comedians do had Hillary won?

Meanwhile, in the real world, Trump has been assembling a first rate team, like Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis.  The actions taken, such as the strike on the airbase in Syria,  have been measured.  Yesterday's decision to arm the Kurds again shows realistic analysis and resolve.  However,  regardless of accomplishment or facts,  the liberals will wait up for the late night bashing.

May 9, 2017

Molovinsky As The Dour Prophesier

When I ran as the third person in 2005's mayoral race, The Morning Call gave me almost no press.  In addition to not reporting on my most important press conference, they excluded me from their sponsored debate.  My platform back then was that Allentown was becoming a poverty magnet, which would in the coming years adversely effect the housing stock and school system.  Now, don't misunderstand,  I don't think that Allentown was ready to elect an independent in 2005.  But,  the city would have benefitted from hearing my platform.

Flash ahead 12 years, and the paper is now covering all 9 candidates running, and covering them extensively.  What has changed?  The main change is the current reporter assigned to the city beat, Emily Opilo; She is excellent.  Unfortunately, for me and the city,  in 2005 the reporter was about as biased as they come.  Not surprisingly, he ended up being Mike Fleck's last employee, working on the Pawlowski senate campaign, until the FBI came to town two years ago.  Bill White now continues the bias against me, and labels me dour.  Bill White, until this eleventh hour and year, enthusiastically supported Pawlowski; That alone is enough to make someone dour.  I accept that label as a badge of my independence.

We now have Pawlowski, after installing surveillance cameras downtown, wanting gunshot sound locators.  He didn't mention that we would be needing those things back in 2005.

May 8, 2017

Frustration About Pam Geller Outside The Fearless

Unlike some bloggers who fashion themselves as reporters, I provide no contact information for tips or news.  I promote myself only as a guardian of local history, and as an informed commentator on issues of local  consequence.  Never the less, there are people who occasionally call me to vent about one topic or another. Among them is Iman Trek, a videographer and aspiring documentarian, concerned with black equality, among other issues. He was disturbed because I referenced Pamela Geller back in March; He considers her a bigot against Muslims. In the course of the conversation he mentioned that he planned to attend her upcoming event at the Fearless Fire House, and hopefully interview her.  As a disclosure, I told him that I also planned on attending.

Meanwhile, despite managing a blog, I do not do well with information technology; No online banking for me. I made a call to see if I could get a ticket set aside for me at the door, which of course I would gladly pay for. I was told absolutely not, there would be no exceptions to the ticket procurement procedure, specified by Geller's security concerns.  After purchasing the ticket online through Eventbrite,  I received emails reminding me to bring both my printed out ticket and picture ID.

Among other things, Geller is an advocate for freedom of speech; Even the freedom to speak against specific religious sub-groups,  no matter how politically incorrect that may be. Geller's agenda is not my topic here,  you must do your own research for information on her platforms.  Suffice to say she is not popular with some Muslims.

Meanwhile, when Iman Trek arrived at the Fearless Fire House, after walking there from center city,  he was denied entry, because he had not previously procured a ticket through the mandated procedure. He was not a happy camper; I heard about it in a subsequent phone call.  Understand, that from Iman's viewpoint, he walked an hour and a half to a public event, to be denied entry into someplace that seemed almost like an all white Klan House to him.

I don't think that Geller's freedom of speech also automatically gives Trek a freedom of access to listen.  If he had procured a ticket through the specified process, his entry would not have been an issue. Now, if she would have accommodated an antagonistic interview, that's another matter.

May 5, 2017

Pam Geller,Fearless At The Fearless

Last night The Lehigh Valley Tea Party invited Pam Geller to address their membership. The event was open to the public, although identification was necessary to purchase tickets. The Tea Party billed her appearance as following; Pamela Geller, a conservative activist, author, Breitbart reporter and dedicated defender of Individual Rights will join us to discuss our responsibility in protecting Free Speech. 

Although, she  certainly is a free speech advocate, we pro-Israel types also know her as a warrior princess. She is an outspoken critic of radical Jihadist violence, and those who try to minimize it through political correctness and hope for change.

It was appropriate that this fearless woman spoke at the Fearless Fire House.

ADDENDUM: The above portion of this blog post was written prior to the event.  I mention this because being fearless at the fearless wasn't lost on others.  Both the gentleman who introduced Geller used the same phrase, and Geller herself used it in regard to the audience.  Apparently, this was her first engagement that hadn't cancelled on her since the incident in Garland, Texas.  About 150 people attended the event, and many lined up afterwards for a signed copy of her book.

May 4, 2017

Activism In A Conforming Community

Why in the world would I want to question anyone's integrity or ethics? Why would I want to imply that someone is a liar? Why would I want public officials to take exception or offense at what I say? Truth be told, I take no pleasure in these confrontations. However, they are a necessary consequence of defending our history or tradition, at least with my limited skill sets. Understand, that there is seldom really due diligence in public deliberation. Instead, there are agendas to be justified by public officials. That's how South Whitehall set out to accommodate the Wildlands Conservancy demolishing Wehr's Dam. That's why the Lehigh County Commissioners have been studying Cedarbrook for years, instead of actually remodeling it. We who defend a dam, or want to see the county nursing home really be viable, must call out the officials who indulge in these dog and pony shows. They count on public decorum to allow the necessary studies to justify their pre-determined agendas. For the most part, it's called governance. For the most part, we limp by, losing a piece of our history now and then. Their hired spokespeople call it progress.

Most local newspapers are now owned by large media corporations, and the staff keep their heads down and safe. Even dissident ranting, at the beginning or end of the meetings, is no longer reported.  We activists who also blog have another outlet.  Although our audience may be miniscule compared to a newspaper,  the truth will linger on.

ADDENDUM: Bill White in his column today writes; Leave it to dour blogger Michael Molovinsky, longtime critic of The Morning Call and other targets,.... Bill is very much into grammar, I suppose dour can only be described as a pejorative adjective. Likewise, he attempts to further marginalize my endeavors by describing the Morning Call and other subjects of my scrutiny as targets.  I must be doing something right.

May 3, 2017

A Populist Evening With Trump

I watched YouTubes of both Trump's speech in Harrisburg (just the beginning), and the monologue by the host comedian at the Correspondents Dinner in Washington. Although, the press thought that the monologue was wonderful, I must say that it was Trump's evening. What he said is reality in today's America. Now, he doesn't speak as artfully as Obama spoke. There is no sophisticated wit to delight the enlightened. Certainly, there is no cool singing a verse or two, but there's reality. Truth is America was tired of Hope With No Change.

While another entertainer commented that there's no funk in the Trump, America is beginning to realize that what entertainers think isn't all that important. Article after article tries to analyze why Hillary lost the election. While these entertainers made their career and fortune portraying the Greatest Generation, they openly supported Hillary continuing Obama's nanny state; Obama-care and Obama-phones rubbed America the wrong way. It is this America that came out to vote last November 8th.  So, while the media and liberals continue to amuse themselves on Sunday morning with the NY Times Magazine, Trump will continue to fill arenas in the Harrisburgs of America.

photocredit: The Mercury News

May 2, 2017

Chris Kocher's Wildlands Conservancy Dilemma

Chris Kocher's letter to the editor,  which appeared in The Morning Call on December 7, 2014, assured the public  that the Wildlands Conservancy will respect certainly whatever decision South Whitehall Township makes about the (Wehr's) dam's future.  It was of course just a public relations gesture, knowing full well how much influence his organization welded over the township.  In reality, the Wildlands have written the township's Master Park Plan, which called for the dam's demolition.

When the Commissioners were presented with over 7,600 signatures, actually collected at the dam itself, they felt publicly pressured not to give the Wildlands permission to proceed with the demolition.  However,  they declined to proclaim the dam saved, or grant it historical designation. Likewise,  despite Kochers gesture in his letter, he made no subsequent statement.

The Commissioners then decided to hold a public referendum on funding the dam's repair, believing that the public would never vote themselves a tax increase to save the dam.  Once again they underestimated the public's regard for the beautiful historic structure.

Although Chris Kocher publicly stated that the Wildlands would back away from the dam's demolition if the Commissioners voted to save it, he never has afforded the residents of South Whitehall the same respect.  On the contrary, the Wildlands has written the state, claiming that the dam is in poorer condition than the state inspection indicated. It is now morally incumbent upon the Wildlands Conservancy to respect the wishes of the public, as affirmed through the referendum.  After writing his letter to the editor back in 2014,  hopefully Kocher has the integrity to now publicly repeat his commitment to the residents of the township.

photocredit: K Mary Hess

May 1, 2017

Confederate Flag, History or Hate

Hotel Bethlehem removed a Confederate flag this weekend that was part of a Civil War reenactment wedding. In the last several years the flag has been deemed a symbol of hate. I never associated it with something encouraging discrimination, but rather more synonymous with rebellion. I think that comparisons to Nazi flags are contrived. Although, the flag may have some association with slavery, it is not reasonably associated with the wholesale extermination of 20 million people.  But even the Nazi flag is part of history.  Understand, that during the crusades and inquisition, there were also victims of the cross.

The American Civil War is one the most studied conflicts in history. Its historical sites spread from Pennsylvania to Florida. While I can understand removing that flag from the South Carolina capital building, removing statues of General Lee from parks in New Orleans is pure revisionism. We cannot edit history on contemporary standards of political correctness. The Confederate flag is certainly appropriate in any reenactment setting.

photocredit: The Morning Call

Morning Call article on incident

Apr 28, 2017

Are There Consequences To Trump Hatred

I understand that Donald Trump is not very presidential, at least in terms of recent history. He was however legitimately elected president under our system. It wss thought by many that he would win the popular vote in November, but lose in the electoral college. Had Hillary won with that predicted formula, there wouldn't be the outrage that now exists.

Is there a point at which the discontent and disrespect for the presidential election is counter to the interests of the country? Although, I keep hearing the protesters say that they're acting out for love of country, I think that it's more of a visceral hatred of Trump. Recently, several AMA psychiatrists pronounced Trump mentally unstable through the media.  It's apparent that such a proclamation is against professional standards. The doctors said that they felt compelled to speak out.  How noble of them. A judge who stopped the government from blocking federal grants to sanctuary cities has been identified as a campaign bungler for Obama. How noble of him.

Partisanship is nothing new, but this negative attitude towards our 45th president is unprecedented. Professional news broadcasters, who always tried to appear objective, now feel free to join in the tar and feathering.  I do not believe that the current atmosphere serves the interests of our country.

Apr 27, 2017

Allentown's Mayoral Race

Back in 2014, I wrote several posts on two people who I thought would run for mayor in the next election, Charlie Thiel and Sam Bennett. In addition to writing about them, I also interviewed them, and ran the subsequent posts on this blog.

Move ahead three years and the primary election is upon us. Beyond clarifying that I believe that it's time for Mr. Pawlowski to move on, I decided not to endorse any one candidate. Yesterday, somebody asked me why I didn't attend a recent candidates evening. I don't believe that it's possible to write about so many candidates in an even handed fashion, nor am I motivated to make such an attempt.  Beyond that, I prefer to deal with issues, not personalities. Rest assure that whoever wins this election will clearly know how I feel on the issues facing Allentown.

In the meantime, The Morning Call has been doing extensive interviews with all the candidates. On their page you can read  about how they feel on practically any topic under the sun.